Sep 6, 2012

Guide on How to Withdraw Your Online Earnings

Get Bucks Online - How to Withdraw Your Online EarningsSo, you have started your "online jobs" or "online business" and is now earning money online? Congratulations and keep on working until you get a steady flow of passive extra income. Now, you ask, "How will I withdraw my earnings?" "How will I get my hard-earned money online?" It easy and simple. You just to sign-up to a third party payment processor or online payment processor that is supported by money-making sites you are working on.

How to withdraw your online earnings?

  1. Sign-up or register an account on an online payment processor. Since you are working or doing business online, you will get paid through online payment processors that are being supported by the online job or online investment sites you are working on. There are some sites that will pay you in check, bank transfer or through remittance services like Western Union BUT most utilizes the service of online payment processors These third party payment processors can be used globally and supports multiple currency.

    What are these online payment processors? The most commonly supported online third party payment processors for get-paid-to (GPT) sites such as PTCs are Paypal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve. Other money-making sites uses SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney. If you are in a high-yield investment (HYIP) site, you should (or should I say, MUST) register for an EgoPay account as the other online payment processors discontinued their support to HYIPs. These third party payment processors acts as your online banks where your payments are deposited. Signing up is FREE. You need not pay a cent to get an account in any of these online payment processors.

    Signing up on Paypal and Payza does not require you to have a credit card. During the registration process, simply skip the portion where you are asked to enter your credit card details. Linking a credit card / debit card or a bank to your Paypal or Payza get your account verified and gives you the advantage of having a higher limit on your receive and transfer transactions. AGAIN, your credit card / debit card or bank account details is not necessary during registration. You can set it at later time.

    During registration, put the correct information as needed. Give accurate and true information otherwise you will have a hard time withdrawing your money if you enter false details. These information will be used when you verify your account. You cannot link your Payza and Paypal account to your credit card / debit card or bank account if the details don't match. When asked on what account type you want, select whatever account your prefer.

    Detailed instruction or tutorial on how to register on each of the above online payment processors is available at the Payment Processors list.

    After completing the registration on Paypal and Payza, login with the email you used when you register the account. Your Paypal and Payza email is the same as the email you entered during registration. When you have logged in to your new Paypal or Payza account successfully , you may see that it is still UNVERIFIED. Don't panic. That is just OK. Just keep in unverified for now. You can have it verified when you are ready to withdraw your online earnings. If you want to have it verified as soon as possible, you can use a Virtual Credit Card or VCC.

    Now that you have a Payza and Paypal account, you are all set to receive payments from the sites you are working on.

    BE SECURED: Use different passwords for your online payment processors account, email, and all other sites you are involved in to avoid being hacked. Do not give or share your accounts and passwords to anyone else. Consider changing your password regularly. This is very important and will help you keep your earned income safe especially if you are already earning thousands in your online jobs. Always think about safety online. It's better than being sorry in the end.
  2. Wait until you meet the minimum cash-out or payout requirement to get paid. Get-paid-to (GPT) programs like paid-to-click (PTC) sites, paid surveys, paid-to-read (PTR); affiliate marketing sites; online investments sites; Google Adsense and similar services; and others requires that you reach the required minimum account before you are paid. Some sites require you be active for a certain amount of days while others require to upgrade or invest first before you get paid and receive profit. Make it a habit to read and be familiar with terms-of-service (TOS), frequently asked questions (FAQ) and other rules and regulations of the program you are in so you won't get lost. Being knowledgeable on how these sites operates will give first-hand advantage to be successful in your online money-making venture.
  3. Request payment or payout once you complied with requirement to get paid. The payout or payment request link can be usually in your Account page on the site you are working on. Choose which processor payment processor would you like to receive your earnings. There are sites that automatically pay you once you reach the minimum amount so you don't need to make a payout request. Some sites pay you instantly after requesting payment while some pays you 24 hours after the request is made. Others pay a few days after payment is requested.
Once the amount is already in your online payment processor account, you can save it there and use on it purchase online, invest in another money-making program or withdraw right away if you badly need cash. How do you withdraw your online funds and turn into cold cash? If your account is verified and linked to your credit card, debit card or bank account, you can transfer it there and withdraw on ATM machines or over the counter. If not, look for or go to a Trusted and Authorized Payza / Paypal Exchanger. You can exchange your online funds with cash. Depending on your agreement, the exchanger will send you cash through a method or system you have agreed upon.
If you do not have a bank account, open an account now. You can apply for a debit card and you can use it to verify you Paypal or Payza account. For Philippine users, Smartmoney or Gcash is a good alternative exchange method that you can use when dealing with online fund exchanger.. All you need is SMART or Globe SIM card. A UnionBank EON Debit Card is an affordable option too instead of a credit card as this does not require you maintaining balance.
Now you know how to withdraw your online earnings. Congratulations and happy earning!

  • Payza, formerly known as AlertPay, no longer support or allow HYIPs or investment programs. Use their alternative and new service, EGOPAY.
  • If a certain program or site pays with different third party payment processors, use the one with the least fee to receive higher amount. There are some sites though that does not charge any transaction fee. Go to a processor where you can save.
  • Money-making sites uses different payment processors so it's best to have an account on ALL online or third party payment processors.


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